Construcții și reabilitări drumuri

Construction and rehabilitation of roads

We offer rehabilitation services and construction of roads, national highways, roads, forest and agricultural roads, urban roads, streets, avenues, parks, bridges and embankments consolidation.

Construcții poduri

Bridge building

Bridges built by ancient Romans were the first and most stable. Concrete was being used for the first time, in addition to other traditional materials. Obsessed to achieve perfection, Romans built some of the most monumental and lasting bridges, one part being usable today.

Construcții căi ferate

Railway Construction

Safety, durability, reliability and competence – is what requires the construction of railways. In this area, our company makes installation of railways, building embankments, railway bridges, tunnels consolidation, railway specific installations.

Construcții civile și industriale

Building and civil engineering

Using cutting-edge techniques in line with standards set in this field, we guarantee the quality of our works, specializing in building construction including interior and exterior finishes with plumbing and heating included.

Instalații apă și canal

Water and sewage installations

Our approach with the utmost seriousness and professionalism have made us a reliable partner in infrastructure projects. We have supplied all equipment and machinery necessary to complete sewer projects, water adduction, extension of municipal infrastructure.

Mixturi asfaltice

Asphalt mixtures

Our company produces and sells all types of asphalt. The quality of our products is given – especially – by the preparation station, LINTE. It produces all kinds of asphalt, at Romanian and European standards, being used both for our works and for third party beneficiaries.

Produse de balastieră

Quarry products

Ballast market products, such as ballast, sand-sort, aggregate, boulders and sterile processing (earth). We have the necessary equipment and personnel for loading, transport and delivery of materials.



We also offer complete services for execution of excavation, crushing and demolition. With advanced equipment and high load capacity lifts, work performed by our company will always wear the quality logo, and last but not least, public safety and environmental protection.

Tehnologii de mediu

Environmental technologies

Our company deals with soil decontamination work depending on the degree of contamination, there are no two identical procedures, each project is unique of its kind and magnitude. Using the technique of individualization of work, we obtained successful results and we were able to optimize costs for the entire project.


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