Environmental technologies

Europe is a world leader in green technologies, so our company believes that these technologies are indispensable for economic development.

From the multitude of solutions, our company has chosen to execute soil remediation works, which consists in separating soil contaminant content. This approach is very difficult, given the large number of soil types and the wide range of existing contaminants.

Our company deals with soil decontamination work depending on the degree of contamination, there are no two identical procedures, each project is unique of its kind and magnitude. Using the technique of individualization of work, we obtained successful results and we were able to optimize costs for the entire project.

Another type of work in this field, carried out by our company are the closures of pits, aimed at preventing or reducing negative environmental effects, in particular the pollution of surface water, groundwater, soil and air, greenhouse effect and any risk to health.

Citadin Prest has equipment and qualified personnel to carry out these types of work and services, and offers safety and security through compliance with environmental protection regulations.