Water and sewage installations

Execution of the following job types:

  • Installation of water and sewerage networks, gravity and vacuum system
  • Channel connections works
  • Modeling various systems of water supply and sanitation using existing distribution network model
  • Installation, maintenance and repair of plumbing and sewerage

Rehabilitation – for rehabilitation of water supply systems and wastewater is mandatory achieving accurate models of work, due to the complex situations these systems may face:

  • cumulative effects due to corrosion and deposits
  • increased consumption (water requirement) due to new consumers
  • excessive losses in various water distribution networks
  • infrastructure improvements (reconstruction of streets, or replace drains nearby)
  • water quality problems

Our approach with the utmost seriousness and professionalism have made us a reliable partner in infrastructure projects. We have supplied all equipment and machinery necessary to complete sewer projects, water adduction, extension of municipal infrastructure.