About Us

SC CITADIN PREST SA, with headquarters in Targu Mures, Dezrobirii street no.65, was established in 1995 and its main activities are the construction, repair, modernization and maintenance of roads and highways. The products and services of the company are mainly targeted for the market of Romania.

Since 2000, the company was privatized by acquiring majority stake by Mr. Costin Laurean. Thus began a new “era” in the history of the company, based on modernization and specialization in the main object of activity. Over the years, we have acquired the latest equipment and our staff was trained in specialized courses.

The company operates in its administrative building located in the town of Targu Mures, Dezrobirii street no.65, and it is featuring modern architecture and is equipped with utilities and next-generation systems.

SC CITADIN PREST S.A. has implemented quality management systems and ISO standards and the QMARK environment.

The company has a material basis and equipment of last generation including: a fully automated asphalt mixtures station; execution machinery and equipment, and a modern fleet.

The asphalt mixtures station – LINTEC – is located at no.82 Dezrobirii street, which is a secondary point of the company; also on the same street, the fleet parking is located.

Technical and material is implemented by qualified personnel, forming a powerful and highly trained staff. Focusing on services and execution of works with responsibility, efficiency and quality – the company is confident of serving many clients and meet all their requirements.

The company, through work done, showed professionalism and convinced customers of its capacity and reliability.

SC CITADIN PREST S.A. received since the year 2001 the annual Business Excellence Diploma and Top Companies distinction offered by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry Mures.